In-Depth Backgrounds

Due diligence and beyond

Today’s due diligence demands are qualitatively and quantitatively different than they were in the time before ubiquitous social media and extensive digital evidence. To achieve the best results in background investigations, you need a partner who can help navigate the panoply of public records and social networks, and who can help ensure best practices are followed when dealing with this evidence:

  • We search billions of records in hundreds of public record source areas for a given subject, and can quickly return searchable PDFs.
  • We specialize in in-depth background searches, deep web, and social media investigations, leading the industry in intelligence- gathering best practices. Dozens of well-publicized federal and state cases recently underscored the need for social media evidence to be properly gathered, authenticated, and presented. To effectively address these challenges, we collect, preserve, index, search, and produce social media evidence so that crucial metadata is maintained. With proper chain of custody and all associated metadata preserved, authenticity is much easier to establish. The tools we use are unique in their ability to address all these concerns.
  • Contrary to popular belief, a Google search is not sufficient for finding information about a subject that may be available on the internet. Current industry experts (confirmed by studies at the University of California) estimate that search engine results account for only 3-5% of available information on individuals and businesses. Our access to proprietary databases, news archives, private information banks, and other deep-web sources ensures that information on your subjects will not remain hidden.

Our solution

We can provide all the in-depth background searches your firm may need, including ongoing social media collection and processing, for any subjects you have in upcoming cases. After diligent conflict checks, we can begin searching your subjects within one business day and return initial results as quickly as needed, so you can get the information you need on witnesses, clients, and opposing parties.

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