Good investigators are not always easy to find. In recommending Eli Rosenblatt, I would emphasize that he’s not just good, but outstanding. His consistently professional work is always reliable and on time. Eli’s strongest skills include having a keen attention to detail while always being aware of the big picture. A doggedly persistent researcher and analyzer, Eli has the experience to know just where to go for the important information we need in all types of cases. In addition, Eli’s relaxed but professional style of communication enable him to work well with all types of attorneys, investigators, officials, witnesses, and others.

On several occasions, Eli’s extensive technical abilities have made the difference for critical aspects of cases. Whether finding difficult-to-track-down records, organizing a complex and lengthy slideshow presentation, or preparing high-quality exhibits (even under difficult deadlines), Eli’s calm and persistent work has proven invaluable. I’m consistently impressed with the ways that Eli makes the most of available resources and provides excellent results.These are the marks of an investigator whose work is exceptional. I highly recommend Eli for any project or team in need of a thorough, competent investigator who’s always a pleasure to work with.

— Steve Lindsey, Portland criminal defense attorney

Eli goes above and beyond my expectations for an investigator. He’s always reliable and on time with each task, and has extensive knowledge of computers and on-line resources. Eli is nothing if not flexible and calm under pressure. Eli’s breadth of life experience makes him an ideal person to bounce ideas off of, and contribute to big-picture case strategy and planning.

— Annelisa Smith, McKinley Irvin, PLLC

Eli found us a gold mine of information!

— Craig Bachman, Lane Powell, PC